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❤️⬇️❤️ SPECIAL RATE SHOWS ❤️⬇️❤️

Shows on prepay mean you don't pay per minute additionally, the rates bellow are

the rates in whole you pay for the show

Any dressing, heels, stockings, outfit request shows from - 10$ on prepay (for 10 minutes)
Pee show - 25$ on prepay
Poo show - 49$ (one day before the show prepay)
Pee+poo show 59$ on prepay with 15$ discount included (one day before the show prepay)
Vomit show 65$ on prepay
Vomit+pee+poo show 90$ on prepay with 35$ discount included
Kinky show nasty and extreme all included except hair mess 199$
Squirt spray show - 25$ on prepay one day before the show, booking needed also
Shower show - 25$ on prepay
Oil show - 25$ on prepay
Cream show (whipped cream in my pussy, ass, mouth) - 39$ (booked one day before the show)
Food playing show (messy|penetration) - 49$
Shaving shower show 99$ on prepay (I'll totally shave my trimmed pussy bold)
On period show 49$ (booked in advance)
Dog dildo show/watching taboo porn 2$ per minute, from 20$ for 10 minutes
Controll lovense show 2$ for 1 minute, minimum 10$ on prepay
Anal plug play usual rate
Dildo anal 2$ for 1 minute, minimum 10$ prepay
Huge dildo show 2$ per minute on prepay (10$ minimum)
1hour date chat skype (texting and sexting) 30$



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