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I do sexy skype shows of all types: fetish, kinky, nasty, taboo,

regular. I sell my whatsapp and snapchat, lingerie, dates and

skype subscriptions.


Some services you can get during the skype sex show:

Anal dildo (or anal plug, dirty anal)

I'm a big lover of anal. I started having anal sex

from my 16th. Tho my ass is very tight.

I have two toys for anal fuck which are my

average dildo and anal plug. You can see me doing

 atm (ass to mouth) or double penetration as well.

I like fucking my ass during skype sex show a lot,

 it makes me feel really horny.

I can do dirty anal also which is usually provided

with poo (poop, scat) show as my ass is dirty right

after I poop.

Ass to mouth

I can suck the toy after it was in my ass, I like it and

feel comfortable about it. I'm a very dirty and naughty

girl, you can see me doing poop, scat, poo skype sex

show and suck or lick my poo as well.

BSDM (submissive|dominatrix)

I'm naturally submissive, I can follow orders, do what

I'm asked to do, being called bad names, be your slave.

I can do dominate show too, when you are obliged to do

what I say, obey me.

I have a bdsm set which includes everything to do a

submissive show,

  • The box consists of a ball gag, handcuffs, ankle cuffs,
  • an eye mask, a flogger, a tickler, a hogtie, nipple clamps,
  •  a bondage rope (5 meters) and a collar with leash. 

Any type of fetish during BDSM skype show isok with

 me, like femdom, findom, blackmail ect.


I do blackmail fetish quite often, usually the guy is told

his pics or vids would be sent to his family and I get the

emails or whatsapp contact to do it (it's just a game,

I never do any things that could have bad influence)

Blowjob (also sloppy)

Blowjob is possible during the skype sex show with a

very big dildo (also deepthroat) and with average dildo.

I can do it sloppy, drooling when saliva is running out

of my mouth.


I have leather big black boots which I can use during the

skype sex show. Also I have red pumps with high heels

(2 of them), sneakers. flip-flops.

Creamy skype shows

My pussy is always horny and wet, when I do fingering or

dildo fuck my pussy gets extremely creamy and juicy. Also

you can make me cum (orgasm) with my hitachi vibrator or

lovense inside of my pussy so you can see it very creamy.

Cum eating instructions(cei)

I do cum eating instructions skype sex shows, for such a

show you should prepare your cock and possibly a glass.

Some guys like to cum in their mouth, that sounds good too.


I can deepthroat my dildos for you, gagging is also possible.

I can take it very deep inside and you can feel like your cock

is fucking my wet hot throat.


Diaper skype shows are possible, the rate of the show will

include 15$ for buying diapers. You can also buy a pacifer

or baby bottle for me to have me your baby or I will have

you as my baby and make you cum right inside your baby


Dildo (also big and dog dildo)

I have 3 dildos, little, average and big and also a dog dildo

All of them can go inside of my pussy and inside of my mouth,

 some of them go inside of my ass.

Dirty anal

I can do dirty anal for you, also I have dirty anal videos ready

to purchase. Dirty anal usually goes with poop (poo, scat) skype

sex show as my ass is dirty right after I poop.

Dirty talk

During skype sex shows I usually do dirty sexy talking. I talk

about your cock, I adore watching hard cock during sexy skype

shows and you can be sure your cock would be worshipped

(unless you a fan of sph - small penis humiliation), also I would

talk about our sex together in all possible variants/ If we do a

fetish ora kinky show I would dirty talk about the kinkies and

fetishes. Also we can share sexy stories in a very exciting way.

Double penetration

I do double penetration shows with my dildos and anal plug. I

have a very bid dildo for my pussy and average one for my ass,

as my asshole is very tight. You can see a very creamy pussy

fuck together with ass fuck. I'm sure you will enjoy it!

Dressing shows

I have a lot of outfits, like nun, nurse, secretary, school girl, lots

 of slutty outfits and of course many bra and panty sets, strings

ect. I have heels, shorts, skirts, blouses, pants, jeans of any kind.

Fetish outfits

I have some outfits for naugthy fetish play, I can be your nun,

nurse, schoolgirl, secretary, slut, prostitute. You can hear some

sexy stories from my life during the fetish outfit show. My English

is good so you will definitely get a great role together with the

fetish outfit show.

Findom (Financial domination)

If you are a fan of being financially dominated, you are a candy

daddy ready to serve his skype girl, we can do a financial

domination show. You would be asked to send me funds and as

you send them you become a good guy for me, being thanked

and admired. Some blackmail also possible (just as a game,

not reality).


We can do a fingering skype show, when i put fingers inside of

my pussy and ass. It's a standard regular skype sexy show.

My fingers are very naugthy and go deep inside of my both holes.

Food play

I do some dirty naughty food play in my shows. It can be banana,

tomato, cucumber, also i use sauce for dirty mess. I use oil and

eggs as well. I can make a mess on my body and also put some

vegetables inside of me. Feel free for any food sex skype play

request, I'm sure I can do it for you.


I have a very big dildo for handjob skype sex shows. I usually

do it together with joi (jerk off instructions) sex skype show.

I play with a cock in my hends, stroke it slow or fast, make it

wet with lube, following with dirty talking and worshiping your


Heels (also heels fuck)

I have 2 red heeled pumps which I use for shoes sex skype

shows. I wear heels for you, suck, lick them, put inside of

my holes (on request). Also if we do a bdsm show, you are

allowed to lick your mistress' heels and such them.

JOI (Jerk off instructions)

I do jerk off instructions (joi) skype sex shows. During such a

show you would be tald how to stroke your cock, to do it fast

or slow, deep or not deep, tight or not tight, also i would tell

what I think about your hard big cock.  

Lovense control

Lovense control skype sex shows are the shows when you can

controll vibrator's intensity inside of my pussy with the mobile

application lovense remote. You just add me and choose 5 levels

of intensity, switching them and making me cum for you.


Masturbation skype sex show is a regular show which is most

popular. It consists of fingering, clit play, pussy play, it can also

be some toys play, which is masturbation also. Boobs (tits,

boobies, nipples) play is also included, so it anal play.

Oil show

Oil fetish show is a skype sex show when i smear oil on my boobs,

ass, pussy and all of my body to make them shiny. That show could

be done together with a shower show as you know after oiling

myself i need to wash it off.

Orgasm (cum)

Orgasm (cum) skype sex show is a showwhen I cum for you with my

vibrator hitachi or lovense lush or with my fingers or dildos. Such a

show usually takes from 15 minutes. I can have multiple orgasms

(up to 10) in one show so feel free to get an orgams show with me.


I have a lot of different ouftits, like nun, nurse, schoolgirl, slut,

prostitute and of course many bra and panty sets. You can have

a show when I change outfits for you or choose an outfit up to your

desires to have a skype sex show with this outfit on my body.

Panty stuffing

I can play with my panties for you during a skype sex show. I can put

some little panties inside of my pussy, make them creamy with my

juices, put them in my mouth also. You can buy that very panty you've

seen in my show.


I do period skype sex shows on request. You should let me know in

advance that you would like such a show and I book it for you and

let you know when I'm on period so we can start the skype sex show.

During the period skype sex show you can see dirty dildo play, licking

blood from the dildo, fingers as well. Also I have a lot of period videos.

Poo (poop, scat, also extreme)

I doo poop (poo, scat) shows. There are two types of such shows:

standard poo (poop, scat) show which includes tasting and smearing

and extreme one which also includes poo on face, inside of pussy and

hair mess.

Pee (piss)

Pee (piss) shows are also available. I can pee in a bowl, or in my

bathtub, pour pee (piss) on myself, taste it, also self-pee (self-piss)

is available.

Pumps (also other shoes)

I have many types of shoes for skype sex shows. I have pumps with

high heels, sneakers, boots, flip-flops and winter shows. Feel free to

ask shoes shows.

Role play (also taboo)

I do role play skype sex shows. I can be your secretary, daughter,

wife, cousin ect. I'm a good role player as Ido such shows for 5 years



Shqving skype sex show is also possible. I can do trimming for you with

my trimmer or just shave my pubic hair line off, the last would be

expensive ;)


Shower skype sex show is possible to get on request. You can see my

whole body naked, shiny with soap, for additional payment i can wash my

slothy head for you.

Small penis humiliation (sph)

Small penis humiliation is a very popular skype sex show type. I'm good in

humiliating little cocks, calling them tiny babydick and joking about no girl

would have sex with you and telling about my imaginary boyfriend's cock.


I have a strapon to do a strapon humiliating dominative show for you,

pretending I'm fucking your tight little asshole with my artificial cock. Feel

free to ask such a show.

Strip tease

Strip tease skype sex shows are pretty popular. I can wear a sexy erotic outfit

for you and get slowly naked with good music on, also I can dance a little bit

to make you excited.


I do two types of squirt shows: pee squirt and regular cum show.

Pee squirt is performed in the bathtube with masturbation, playing

the clit and huge squirt going out of me; regular cum orgsm show

is done with vibrator hitachi or lovense (you can controll its vibrations

inside of me with your phone)


Taboo roleplay, or watching taboo porn together is also available, I'm ok

with any type of taboo stuff, just ask me about your taboo fetish and

I'm sure we can do it.

Vibrator (lovense, hitachi)

I can do a vibrator (hitachi or lovense) skype sex show. I can cum for

you with my hitachi or you can controll my orgasm with lovense by

your phone (I use lovense remote application).

Vomit (puke)

Puke (vomit) skype sexy shows are also possible. I can puke (vomit) for

you, play with my vomit, smear it, put in my mouth. Feel free to ask any

type of vomit play, I'm sure we can do it.

Whipped cream

Whipped cream shows are available, they should be booked a bit in

advance. You can see whipped cream on my pussy, inside of my pussy,

same with ass, everywhere on my body.






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